Club & Ball Measurement Screen
“Top Golf” Style Games Available
Bethpage Black Available for Play

Hoboken Golf now has seven golf simulators, each newly upgraded with Uneekor EYEXO launch monitor technology and the latest version of e6 Connect including 94 courses and the ability to play games just like “Top Golf”.

The Uneekor EYEXO can accurately read ball spin: there is no indoor technology more accurate for ball measurement.

Uneekor also gives accurate club measurement data including a ‘moment of truth’ video showing a slow motion video of clubhead into ball.

Play 94 different “World Famous” courses including Bethpage Black. All standard, basic subscription and expanded subscription courses available are now available. Full list of courses is here: https://e6golf.com/golf-courses/.

Simulators are also available for lessons, classes and fittings.

Book golf lessons with PGA Professional Chance Scheffing here: www.playhoboken.com/chance.

Walkups are welcome! Bookings may also be made at slight additional cost: www.playhoboken.com/book

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